Raising Social Awareness

Mazo’s Grade 4 students have been actively studying a variety of Canadian environmental issues, most notably those that are a direct result of well known industries. They have been researching the impact these industries have had on the surrounding environments. Many have expressed interest in the plight of sea life on the West coast, as well as through the St. Lawrence Seaway.

They have been busily gathering and organizing information and evidence with regards to the orca and beluga populations in British Columbia and along the St. Lawrence.

In order to explain the dangerous cause-and-effect relationships between industries such as overfishing and tourism and the health of orca and beluga populations, the students turned to a social awareness campaign. Using Clips or GarageBand, they would inform the local school community of the key players, as well as the horrific consequences. Their goal was to use a persuasive monologue to encourage their classmates to be wary of big business and their effects on wildlife.   

For those who wanted to put a face to a message, as well as include powerful visuals, integrating filters, labels, and/or stickers, Clips was their go-to app. Clips is a FREE app designed for iOS (Apple) devices. Its power lies in its simple interface, allowing students to capture moments easily, add “Live Titles” (simply talking creates animated captions which appear onscreen), and use full-screen posters with animated backgrounds to help them capture their audience’s attention. Many also set the mood thanks to the pre-loaded Music library!

Students who wanted their message to be heard, but not seen opted for GarageBand. Like Clips, GarageBand is a FREE app designed for iOS (Apple) devices. It makes it incredibly simple to play, record and share audio recordings. Initially, students recorded their persuasive monologues. From there, they were able to access the Sound Library, and integrate instrumental loops in the style of their choice… and hopefully, reflective of the serious nature of their plea. They were also able to add incredibly lifelike sound effects. Listen carefully to their recordings… you’ll hear container ships, ocean waves and the odd orca and/or beluga, too!

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