The Human Body Explored & Explained

The Grade 5s have been learning about human organ systems and the way they work together and affect one another. They have been studying the location, structure and function of the major organs of the respiratory, circulatory, and digestive systems.

Prior to the break, the students began tinkering with Explain Everything as a means of creating their own models and simulations, taking us through the major organs and explaining their structures and functions in their own words.

The Explain Everything application, available for iOS (Apple), Android (Google) and Windows devices, is an easy-to-use interactive whiteboard tool that allows users to explore ideas and share their knowledge and understanding through animation, recording, annotation and collaboration. Once complete, the product(s) can be uploaded directly to student Google Drive accounts and shared with the necessary parties.

It was great to see student creativity be used to demonstrate an understanding of Scientific content. The digestive system came to life as students guided guided food from the mouth to the stomach and through the digestive tract. Similarly, students used the various built-in tools to show the flow of air, and the lungs hand at work. They also focused their attention on the flow of blood through the vessels, thanks to the pumping heart.

Many students are already thinking of other uses for this incredibly powerful application!

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