You’re Invited to a Book Tasting!

Picky palates aren’t just food related! Many students are very picky readers, too. The Mazo Learning Commons decided to pique their appetites for a good read by hosting a book tasting!

M André’s Grade 6s and Mme McGhee’s 5/6 split were treated to a restaurant-style affair, with Mme Madeley as their cook and waiter! The tables were set. The menus at the ready. The candles flickered and lit up the wide variety of novels set out on each table… There may have even been a little classical music playing in the background – to set the mood, of course!

Students were seated, and prepared themselves for quite the sampling: different authors, genres, and series, with the goal of introducing them to books that they may never have picked up before.

Prior to digging in to the first course, students reviewed how to preview books and the different ways to do so. Students were invited to taste as many books on their platters, and use their menu to assist them in tasting one from each table/genre that looked most appealing.

Students dined on a four-course meal: appetizers, salads, mains, and dessert. In book terms, this translated into a variety of genres: realistic fiction, historical fiction, fantasy and science fiction, and mysteries.

The book tasting menu contained key jot thoughts about each book’s “taste”. Students were asked to make note of each book’s title and genre, and peruse its front and back covers. Thereafter, they spent a few minutes browsing through the book to jot down their first impressions. They were also asked to make note of whether or not they wanted to add the book to their wish list.

Once the students had completed their four-course meals, they reviewed their four books, and made a “top-3” list.

The final step for students included a Napkin Reflection… a restaurant evaluation if you will. With the help of a few prompts, students recorded their thoughts and feelings about the Book Tasting adventure.

The tasting was a wonderful way for the students to nibble on some great reads… and discover books they never would have tried, nor found! How many will be devoured in the coming weeks?

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  1. What a wonderful activity, Mme – and one I intend to steal! Any suggestions for our cafe name? 😉

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