A Banner Book Fair



Last week’s English Book Fair was a roaring success!

Students, staff and parents were thrilled with the selection and the library was the place to be!

Total sales were just over of $7 500, resulting in over $4 500 worth of new books for the Mazo library collection, as well as the Literacy Room and Homeroom Classes!

A VERY special thank you to our incredible volunteers: Mme Baptista, Mme Park, Mme Madeley’s mom, and the Grade 4 Library Fairies… without you, the book fair would not have been as great a success!

The winner of the fair draw was Ethan in Mme Fitzgerald’s class. He has won $25 in Scholastic books for his family, as well as $25 in books for his classroom.

Thank you to all for your continued support of the Mazo Learning Commons!

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