Building Video Games & Consolidating Curriculum


Over the past several months, Mme Prud’homme’s Grade 6 students have been building their first video game using Bloxels.


Bloxels is a hands-on, brains-on, creativity and technology experience that helps students gain a greater understanding of important topics like design logic, and computer science, all while demonstrating their knowledge of history, science and mathematics through the games they create.

The Grade 6s were asked to focus on either Science or Social Studies. In pairs, they began to brainstorm topics of interest around Air & Flight, as well as Immigration. Using the templates, gameboard and blocks, they began to build the levels, animate heroes, and create game art to make their learning come to life. From the Wright Brothers and hot air balloons, to stories of hardships travelling across the great oceans by boat, students were able to consolidate their learning in a whole new way!

Their masterpieces built, the Learning Commons became a mini-arcade. Mme Fitzgerald’s Grade 3s were invited to test out the games. The Grade 6s were eager to play and share their hard work, and the primary students were eager to learn how the games were created. Mme Prud’homme’s students became instant mentors, helping the Grade 3s construct their own characters, game setting, and first level.

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