Digital Scavenger Hunt

September has come and gone and the Mazo Learning Commons continues to be a hub of activity!

The school year kicked off with a collaborative digital scavenger hunt, in the form of an interactive Keynote Bingo! Keynote was used as an example of “thinking outside the box” – in many cases, students default to slideshow presentations as a means of sharing their thinking. Most of the time, these are anything but interactive, and the audience just “sits…and gets”. Keynote Bingo, is the polar opposite!


As in any traditional game of Bingo, participants were asked to complete one or two lines (horizontal, vertical, diagonal) and/or four corners; however, there were no numbers on their Keynote cards… there were blank photo icons, and subtitle clues. The students were asked to work in pairs and take selfies in different areas, or holding various resources that “answered” the clues.

Students trekked through the commons, reviewing the incredible opportunities for tinkering and creative expression, and were introduced to a few new additions! To say that this task produced many outstanding selfies would be an understatement! Students AND staff are well on their way to perfecting the art of the iPad selfie.

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