The GarageBand Blues

The Grade 7 classes are currently working on composition and improvisation techniques in Music. They are focused on Blues musical styles. As a final task, they will perform an improvised twelve-bar blues. Improvisation is both creative and spontaneous… as a result, the students will have to rely on their technical and theoretical knowledge throughout the process. They will have to pay close attention to the tempo, key signature and the general Blues chord progression. Once complete, they will apply their learning through a live performance in front of their peers.

In order to make this experience even more powerful (and authentic). Students have been creating their own musical accompaniment using GarageBand. The track will become the backdrop to their twelve-bar blues performance!


Over the past several weeks, they have been learning to create and modify Apply Loops (short, professional recordings that can be incorporated into their compositions). These Loops contain a multitude of instruments and cover every genre, style and ambience. The students have really enjoyed tinkering with, and combining many loops, thus creating new accompaniment possibilities!

Similarly, the Grade 7s have been creating their own Apple Loops, based on the twelve-bar chord progression, and using virtual “Smart Instrument” features. They have discovered just how incredibly powerful and creative the GarageBand App is. With a few finger taps, they can reorganize their piece, repeat couplets, copy-paste various rhythm combinations, and even switch-up the melody.

Further exploration will continue, and they are looking forward to sharing their incredible performances, too!

 Student Blues Accompaniment Samples


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