Let’s Talk Conservation & Stewardship


Mazo’s Grade 2 students have been learning that air and water are a major part of the environment. They know that all living things need air and water to survive and that changes to either of these can drastically affect the environment and quality of life. They have also learned that our own actions can have a major impact on the quality of air and water, and its ability to sustain life.

In order to share their learning and their desire to conserve and protect the environment, most notably air and water, they decided to create digital posters using Pic Collage Kids.


Through whole group and small group discussions, students identified key messages that would help communicate their feelings. They sketched out draft poster samples and brought these to the Learning Commons in the hopes of bringing them to digital life.

Prior to diving into the app and poster creation, Mme Madeley thought it would be a great idea to review the elements of a poster. Students spoke of colour and font choice, appropriate pictures/images, clear and precise messaging, etc.

Thereafter, the Learning Commons became poster-central. Under the guidance of Mme Madeley, students learned some of the wonders of Pic Collage, and some handy iPad tips and tricks. The speech-to-text function was one of their absolute favourites!

Here are a few great poster examples – you’ll surely notice the level of student engagement and share in their incredible sense of pride…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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