Loving the Learning Commons – Update


Students continue to discover new and exciting things within Mazo’s Learning Commons!

Thanks to a very successful French Scholastic Book Fair, new books have been popping up all over the space… Many students are eagerly awaiting the arrival of popular series like Baby-Sitters Club, Gone, The Land of Stories, I Funny (just to name a few). Thank you again for your continued support and for cultivating a love of reading in students!


The LEGO wall, engineering station and collaborative colouring and puzzle centres continue to be quite popular with all students, and even some staff. They are always checking-in to see what new themes and tasks have been posted: winter and December celebrations abound!

The most exciting challenge at the moment involves a bunch of red, plastic cups! The object of the “Red Solo Cup Challenge” is simple: build the largest tower possible using nothing BUT plastic cups! Check out the wide variety of towers that have been collaboratively built thus far…

Other centres are based on “old classics”. Students have been tinkering with Cat’s Cradle string games. In pairs, they have been learning how to play various string games.

Similarly, had I known how amazed students would be with the Etch-A-Sketch Challenge, I would have shared them sooner! Their current challenge involves drawing either a house or a cityscape. Students are gaining confidence and with that taking greater risks as they create.

Students have also been quite excited to learn how to weave. In three easy steps, they have been creating small, coaster-sized projects. In the coming weeks/months, projects will start to become larger and more complex. My hope is that they will start weaving toques which will be donated to a local shelter.

Please stay tuned as there are many more surprises awaiting students in the coming New Year!

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