Powerful Propaganda & Explain Everything… UNITE!


The Grade 6s have been learning about Canada’s contributions and various roles throughout World War I and World War II.

Over the next few weeks, their studies will focus on the role of media, most notably, the rise in wartime propaganda. From recruitment to proper conduct, the students will gain a better understanding of the power of words and images used in commercial and/or political advertising to evoke feelings of fear, anger, pride and patriotism in their “readers”.


In the hopes of improving the student’s abilities to analyse thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actions depicted in Canadian posters, Mme Madeley and Mme Roman introduced them to Explain Everything. This application, available for iOS (Apple), Android (Google) and Windows devices, is an easy-to-use interactive whiteboard tool that allows users to explore ideas and share their knowledge and understanding through animation, recording, annotation and collaboration. Once complete, the product(s) can be uploaded directly to student Google Drive accounts and shared with the necessary parties.

Many students are already thinking of other uses for this incredibly powerful application!

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