The Exploration Continues!

Here’s a quick look back at yet another incredible week in the Mazo de la Roche Learning Commons.

More and more students are discovering the versatility of the cardboard construction centre and its Makedos. Their current challenge includes constructing a piece of furniture out of cardboard. Can you guess what they are making?

The other hidden gem of the past week has been the duct tape challenge. Take a look at what some of the students have been creating using colourful tape!

The engineering station is always a buzz. Students are starting to take greater risks and building more challenging structures. It’s incredible to see so many students working together!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Similarly, the LEGO wall provides endless enjoyment. The current task is to create animals. What animals do you see? The most exciting part of the LEGO tasks is seeing how students are starting to build outwards. Their constructions are becoming increasingly multi-dimensional!



In keeping with the importance of collaboration, students are enjoying the numerous colouring stations placed throughout the space. As challenging as it is to “give-up” their colouring task in the hopes of someone continuing and taking as much care, they are excited to return and see what has been done, and what is still left.

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