Back to School – Pokémon Go Comes to Mazo!

The first two weeks in the library have simply flown by!

Students and teachers continue to be pleasantly surprised by the physical changes to the space. The library is now known as the Mazo “Learning Commons”… It is a place where staff and students can work in tandem as they complete collaborative tasks and delve into some fantastic reads!


In the hopes of introducing the commons, Mme Madeley drew inspiration from this summer’s number one “pastime”: Pokémon Go! Pokéstops (cards) were strategically hidden throughout the space. Students and their teachers were responsible for tracking them down, and capturing a quick photo as proof of their discovery. Clues were provided and students quickly uncovered the presence of a LEGO wall, collaborative colouring easels, portable creation stations (pixel art, origami, duct tape challenges, etc.), collaborative puzzles, engineering stations, and much more!


Over the coming weeks, students will have the opportunity to tinker with the various centres and stations. The Learning Commons will also be open throughout Curriculum Night, and families are more than welcome to sneak a peek!

This afternoon, Mme Smith’s class took advantage of the Mazo Learning Commons during their visit. Once they completed their book exchange, some students found a comfortable place to read, while others decided to tackle the collaborative puzzle and colouring stations. The budding engineers were focused on their building tasks and were able to reproduce the leaning tower of Pisa, one of Giza’s famous pyramids and a mini Taj Mahal. They are already planning their next build!

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