eBook Authoring


mystoryMme Joiner’s Grade 4 English classes are chalked full of budding authors! Students have been reading a variety of great picture books, focussing on their audience and the many conventions used by their authors in the hopes of creating memorable texts.

Over the past few weeks, the students have been working with My Story in order to publish their incredible works of fiction and non-fiction in an eBook format. In pairs, they have selected a topic, purpose and audience, and have completed all the necessary planning (ideas for title pages, text and illustrations), using a graphic organizer.

2014-03-03 10.46.11

2014-03-03 10.46.38

2014-03-03 10.47.53

Once their eBook is published, they will be preparing for the presentation stage… They will be reading their text aloud, and reviewing the conventions they used to create each page. Explaining each element is key to a successful presentation. They are looking forward to sharing their eBooks with their fellow classmates.

They are also looking forward to “testing” their published books out on their chosen audiences. Some of our Grade 1 classes will be treated to some great storytellers as early as next week!

The Grade 4 students invite you to read their eBooks online… Be sure to click on the green “play” button as many students have included a voice over feature. Feedback is always welcome!

Matthew & Shayne: http://msty.me/OI7Ywf

Irma-Jean & Gillian: http://msty.me/1eGdZmZ

Andrew & Luke: http://msty.me/1iv82cZ

Bria & Ashley: http://msty.me/1hNJsT1

Jensen & Maddox: http://msty.me/1ivep00

Amilia & Hannah: http://msty.me/1j95keh

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